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You have to send ETH funds from your personal Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Parity, Mist or Ledger (hardware wallet)

DO NOT send funds from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex etc

DO NOT send your funds before the fundraiser has begun

Set Gas Limit to 250 000 (during high-load network)

Set the gas price at 60 GWEI (during high-load network)

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Total amount of CAM tokens:
10 000 000
6 500 000 CAM are available for crowdsale
1 000 000 are rewards for early ride-miners
2 500 000 are reserved for founders and team
and holded for 18 months
TOTAL SUPPLY: 10 000 000 (Ten million) units (limited)
EMISSION: Only during the crowdsale
SOFT CAP: 10 000 ETH
CAMPAIGN STARTS: Block with matching timestamp

65% - Fundraiser

10% - Early users rewards, Bounties

25% - Founders, team, early investors


40% - Product Development

30% - Hardware infrastructure improvement

20% - Marketing & customer acquisition

10% - Legal


How it is working right now

For today more than a million of drivers worldwide had installed the car DVR mobile application CamOnRoad on their Android and iOS devices. They use it daily for convenient and safe driving.

Thousands of them are using the CamOnRoad Cloud Storage to stream or upload their videos at the moment. Some of users allow to take anonymized copies of their videos and make it available for others via

Dozens of artificial neural networks of the platform analyze this data identifying objects on the road (vehicles, traffic signs, road markings, pedestrians) and the trajectories of their movement. This makes it possible for the platform to automatically detect apparent violations of the traffic rules and identify violators according to the license plate.

What we are going to do

1 Since the ICO finished we will start rewarding CamOnRoad mobile application users who stream or upload videos to the cloud storage and will allow using of anonymised copies of their videos on the public platform.
2 We use raised funds for improving CamOnRoad cloud storage and for developing new TensorFlow based neural networks to detect various types of road incidents in connection with the roadmap.
3 At the same time we improve CamOnRoad video search engine to provide a convenient and productive service for users and businesses via CAMs is the universal currency in CamOnRoad ecosystem.

CamOnRoad Platform

This is private CamOnRoad cloud storage for users of Car DVR application
Anonymizing and indexing servers. Convolutional neural networks are here
This is cloud storage for anonymized public videos. Search Engine is here
CamOnRoad app for drivers
Web & mobile app users
Search engine users
Each video signed by its checksum which includes into blockchain, stored on users' devices. Every user can prove the video.

CamOnRoad history & roadmap

  1. Backend development
  2. Mobile apps development
  3. Frontend development
  4. Beta of video streaming system
  5. Augmented reality engine release
  1. Video streaming system release
  2. Video protection system
  3. Car crash detection system
  4. Clusterised video storage
  5. Car plates recognition beta
  6. Business model development & proofing
  7. Indexing system for geo-tagged videos
  8. Beta version of search engine for videos by place & time
  1. Video search engine release
  2. Car plates recognition release
  3. Blockchain integration features
    • Wallet integration to the apps
    • Drivers reward system beta Smart contract
    • Development ERC20 CAM-token release
    • Moving to CAM payments in CamOnRoad ecosystem
  4. Neural networks development
    • Car brand recognition
    • Car model recognition
    • Car color recognition
    • Traffic signs recognition
  1. Neural networks development (patterns recognition):
    • Car crashes
    • Police chases
    • Traffic offense
    • Condition of road surface
    • Outdoor advertising
    • Animals cross the road
    • Meteors falling =)
  2. SDK development (streaming videos to CoR cloud from other car DVR mobile applications)
  3. Business features development:
    • Selfdriving cars developers
    • Insurance companies
    • Outdor advertising companies & clients
  1. Worldwide blockchain based realtime video logging system development.
Sergei Germanovich
Sergei Germanovich
Co-founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur in Russia and Eastern Europe mobile industry, technological visionary. Founder of first Crypto Currency Exchange Office in Russia (, 2013), founder of Indoor Guide (, 2015) is the first interactive multimedia museums guide based on indoor navigation system.

Extensive experience in product management and development. 12 years of experience at TOP5 local companies like Bercut ( and i-Free Group ( on M- and C-level positions. MSc in Computer Science.

Boris Shmelev
Boris Shmelev
Co-founder & CFO

Astute investor with a wealth of experience in the IT, Hospitality, FMCG and Finance sectors. Extensive experience in corporate development, finance management, investor and government relations. Boris is a mecenas and philanthropist.

His interest to the computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies in conjunction with the desire to make the driving safer led to CamOnRoad creation.

Daria Gashuk
Daria Gashuk
Blockchain ambassador

Dasha is the community manager of the project. Cryptocurrency newbie. International cross-functional experience in marketing, management and leadership. Also she is the beauty of our team!

Alexander Filippov
Alexander Filippov

Alexander has 9 years of software development experience. His specialization is high loaded systems, computer vision and machine learning technologies. MSc in Computer Science, block-chain technologies visionary.

The last two years Alexander leads the software development of the CamOnRoad project and transforming our vision into the real working product.

Paul Rudnitskiy
Paul Rudnitskiy
System Architect

Paul has 14 years in technology and commercial software solutions architecture development, 8 years of experience in virtualization (KVM, xen, vmware) and 7 years of experience in devops (gitlab ci, jenkins, concourse, ansible, chef). He consulted on large scale enterprise deployment like Korus Consulting (, over 700 employees).

Since ETH genesis he is a crypto-enthusiast of Ethereum platform. At the moment he is also responsible for the Smart Contract Development (solidity) and block-chain integration.

Boris Rozhko
Boris Rozhko
Backend Team Leader

Boris has over 8 years of the fullstack development experience in business applications, e-commerce and video streaming projects. Strong background in math and cryptography helps him to improve the video authentication algorithms and the predictive analytics system. Nobody else know what it means =O

Alexander Malyshkin
Alexander Malyshkin
Android Dev Team Leader

5 years of experience in mobile software development. Artificial intelligence visionary with strong analytic skills. Beta versions of TensorFlow based neural networks developed by Alexander doubled the recognition quality of car plates in video and now he works on increasing the speed of recognition ;)

Vitaly Verkash
Vitaly Verkash
iOS Dev Team Leader

Vitaly is high-skilled iOS software developer and experienced team leader with strong background in risk management. His team always meets deadlines and gets the bonus. Only the one =)

Vitaly Usov
Vitaly Usov
Senior iOS developer

Vitaly has 4 years of experience in iOS software development and great number of completed projects for Europe companies. He is high-motivated professional with the deep learnings in mobile development.


Viktor Pasternak

Victor Pasternak is an expert in intellectual property and commercial law, graduate of the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg State University, Master of Law. He passed professional development at the Haas Business School at the University of California at Berkeley (USA), as well as at the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property.

He worked in the US in the law firm Fowler White Burnett, then in Deloitte. He headed the department for the commercialization of intellectual property and technology transfer of St. Petersburg State University. Victor worked at the Center for Intellectual Property of Ernst & Young (EY) as the manager of the Center.



The worldwide decentralized real time video logging system.
CamOnRoad Team
August 7th, 2017


Comprehensive information about the project history, current features, roadmap, core team and the crowd sale event is provided in this document. We aimed to make it clear, useful and inspiring. Enjoy it!

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